Energy Solutions

Home energy consumption not only affects your wallet, it impacts the environment too. Whether your house runs on oil, gas or electric, the plants powering these utilities expel large amounts of carbon dioxide. And while we won't pick a side on 'global warming' we can agree that we can change the way we live to help control these emissions. Here are a few ideas to help your wallet and the environment. 

Update your home's insulation • Install energy efficient bulbs and appliances • Seal up air leaks around windows, doors and light switches • Plant trees to shade your house • Go solar!

You can also check out the EnergizeCT website for information on how to save money and energy, benefit from renewable energy, and improve the comfort of your home. There you can find advice, resources, and funding to complete the energy-saving and clean energy improvements that are right for you.

You can also request a Home Energy Solutions (HES) audit. Get your home’s energy performance assessed by local professionals and receive about $1,000 in on-the-spot energy fixes - like sealing air leaks, free LED lightbulbs, and more - for just $149!

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Choose an Energy Supplier

As consumers, we have the ability to compare and switch energy suppliers. You can check out rates along with the percentage of renewable energy sourced by each company and choose a supplier that meets your needs. Connecticut mandates a certain amount of renewable energy in a company’s portfolio (currently it is 22.5%), but many are offering 100%! Click the "Compare Now" button and sort by "Renewable Energy" to see your options. 

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Energy Solutions for Businesses

Homes aren't the only ones that can benefit from reconsidering how you consume utilities, businesses can too! Discover rebates, incentives, financing and contractors that can help you improve your bottom line.