Hebron Awarded Sustainable CT Certification!

The Town of Hebron is 1 of 22 Connecticut municipalities to achieve certification as a Sustainable CT community.  The town met high standards in a broad range of sustainability accomplishments to qualify for the prestigious certification. 

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Hebron seeks Sustainable CT Certification

In order to achieve certification, a town or municipality must first register with Sustainable CT. This is the step that Hebron’s Board of Selectmen agreed on April 5 to take. To get certified, the town must then take at least one action from nine of 10 categories.

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No Frack
Waste Hebron

With close to 800 signatures from townspeople, Hebron made their voice heard loud and clear saying NO to fracking waste being dumped in our town. Thanks to our very own Lisa Eldridge, the citizens of Hebron no longer have to worry about toxic fracking sludge finding a home here. 

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Climate Ride

HGC member Lisa Eldridge and her husband Rick, participated in a 3-day 230 mile bike ride for the environment in September 2017. They biked on the Skyline Drive from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Vesuvius, Virginia to Washington D.C. They both needed to raise $2000 and were able to select the organizations that would benefit from the money that was collected. They chose Food & Water Watch, Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, Earth Justice and 350.org. The day after the ride, they met with Chris Murphy and Joe Courtney and talked to them about the ride and why they did it. Among other related topics, they spoke about a proposed bill called Carbon Fee and Dividend for a steadily-rising fee on fossil carbon-based fuels that will return all revenue to households. Both parties were receptive and said they would support this bill.

Memorial Garden

Currently there is a memorial garden adjacent to the high school for seven RHAM high school students who have passed away in recent years. It is a beautiful area that has seven benches set up in a circle with potted plants in between. The Leos' Club and the class of 2017 are working together to add on to the garden. Plans are to create a crescent-shaped arc behind the memorial with 3 trees, mulching and edging stones. In addition, annuals that attract bees and butterflies will be planted in the pots each spring. The project should be complete by the end of October 2017.